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Naturaful Is a all natural breast enhancing cream. The product claims to increase the size of the breasts in only a short amount of time. So far these claims seem to hold true as the product has helped lot’s of women increase their breasts without the need for cosmetic surgery.

Lots of women hope to have larger breasts and some females go to extreme lengths to achieve this. Opting for breast enhancing surgery will surely give you the breasts you desire but can come at a risk. We all know that breast enhancing surgery can include complications, not to mention leaving permanent scaring. Option for a more natural method of increasing ones breasts will not only be more beneficial in the long run but will also save you thousands of dollars.

Using a breast enhancing cream, is one of the more popular ways for increasing breasts naturally and choosing the right breast enhancing cream is essential. Naturaful is one cream that boasts natural breast growth within weeks.

Here is our review of the breast cream, including pros and cons, complete with our final verdict.

What is Naturaful?

The product is a herbal cream which claims to be able to increase and firm the breasts through natural safe means in a short period of time. The cream contains active ingredients which have shown to be effective towards breast growth such as Dandelion Root, Blessed Thistle and Dong Quai.

How does the cream work?

As with most creams and lotions, Naturaful is absorbed through the skin, which reaches the breast tissue. The ingredients found inside the cream help increase the natural hormones levels in the body that is responsible for tissue growth. These hormones are naturally created by the body but at a much lower level, the ingredients in the cream amplifies these hormones.

The manufacturer of the cream claims that the user of the product should begin to see results as early as six weeks into the program, some women have reported time frames as much less than 6 weeks.

According to the manufacturer the cream should increase ones breast size by up to 3 cup sizes. We are not entirely sure if that claim is a bit ambitious but it is clear that the manufacturer assures the effectiveness of the cream will insure the biggest breast improvement that is possible for ones body.

What are the benefits I should know of?

Despite the obvious benefit of the cream being a natural option for breast enhancement, there are many other benefits to using the product.

  • Confidence

One thing that needed to be mentioned is improvement in confidence. It is likely that one of the main reasons that women decide to increase their breasts is to feel more like a woman and increase their confidence and since the cream has shown to be effective, this should lead to feeling more confident and more like a woman should feel.

  • Ease of use

The application of the cream is simple to apply, so it should not cause difficulties for anyone to use. All that is required is for the cream to be massaged evenly onto the breasts making sure that the whole breast is covered including the underside. This can be done in a timely manner, so fitting this regime into your active lifestyle shouldn’t be a concern.

Does Naturaful work?

As already mentioned, the active ingredients that are found within the cream have shown to be effective towards breast growth, There are many herbal based products on the market and whilst most of these can be detrimental towards one’s health and have proven to be ineffective, a small handful of breast enhancing creams and supplements contain ingredients that beneficial towards the body, Naturaful is one of these.

Upon the many thousands of users who have applied the cream, many of them have seen great results and handful of these are documented on the manufacturer’s site. Here are some of the testimonials taken from the site.

I used Naturaful for 5 months and saw results after only 3 weeks. The results were amazing. Definitely lifted breasts, firmed up and more! I would recommend this product to anyone who is a skeptic, (like me). It will turn you into a believer. Thanks naturaful!

Faith C.    New York, USA

I started using Naturaful breast enlargement cream for about 6 months, it is simply amazing and my breasts have much nicer size now.

Elaine L.    NY. USA.

I started using Naturaful for about 4 months now and the result are ridiculous.. My boobs are firm and much fuller. I hated them especially in a batting suit, but now they popping out in my shirt and I feel great. My husband always compliments me now and he’s loving it. I tried different products and there is no comparison. I’m thankful and telling other woman out there who feel ashamed of their boobs to give it a try. I guarantee you, you won’t regret this. I love it!!!!
Beatrice J. Santa Monica, USA


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What are the negatives I should know of?

Even though the cream has shown to be effective for breast growth, it should be used in conjunction with other natural breast enhancing methods, such as massages, dietary alterations and breast exercises. Using just the cream alone may not deliver the desired results and could take a lot longer to become effective, having said that by using the cream together with other methods you are much more likely to increase your breasts by 2-3 cups.

Some users have also reporting feelings of soreness and tingling during the early stages of using the cream, although this has shown to pass after a few days.

Our verdict.

The cream has been available for some time now and has seen many positive reviews from users so far and that itself is a testament to its effectiveness. The ingredients contained in the cream have proven to be effective for breast enlargement both in this product and other products on the market, as well as being extremely safe for the body.

We recommend this product.


Where and how to buy

jars of creamThe cream is available from the official manufactures website and costs $69. The product is also supplied with a 60 day money back guarantee.

CAUTION! Avoid purchasing this cream from anywhere other than the official manufactures site, since you may not be getting the exact same product and the cream may not have gone through the correct quality control checks.

Should you want to purchase this cream, please follow our official verified link below to be taken directly to the merchant’s website.


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