There are many different ways for increasing the breasts and one of the most effective methods is massaging the breast daily.

Along with using breast enlargement supplements and creams, it’s important to understand how to correctly stimulate the breast by using this simple breast messaging technique. Performing a breast massage is one of the safest methods for increasing the breasts especially when used in conjunction with breast creams and pills, by learning this simple method you should learn how to enlarge breasts naturally.

A breast massage only requires 10-15 minutes a day, which is something that most women should have the time to do.

Stimulate the breast through Breast massage.

To start with it’s best to massage one breast at a time and try to learn the technique It’s important to learn the method first and foremost, once you have the method down you will find it much easier each time you do it.

Grab some moisturizing cream or oil and rub it together in your hands. Now begin to Apply the moisturizing cream or oil to the breast. Which ever breast you decide to start with, you should use your opposite hand to perform the pumping technique which is explained below, so left hand to right breast and right hand to left breast.

Step one Pumping the breast.

For this example let’s say you started with your right breast, put your left hand on your right on your left breast and tuck it under your armpit.

Pump straight into the armpit, whilst relaxing the shoulder. You may feel tenderness as your fingers move up into your arm put. This may cause some discomfort at first but over time will wear of.

You should apply this pumping technique around 5-10 times. This should be done before you begin the massage.

Step two – Pull the breast towards the armpit

Simliar the pumping technique the next thing you want to do is cup the breast with both hands, so your covering the whole breast. Very gently pull the breast towards the armpit and then release back down to it’s natural position.

Repeat for 5-10 times.

Step 3 Target the upper inner quadrant

Next we need to focus on the upper inner quadrant of the breast, since this drains differently then the rest of the breast. Assuming you started with right breast as per this example, you would place your right hand underneath your right breast, this will help to keep your breast stable. place the palm of your left hand on the top section of the breast.

With the palm of your hand pump the upper inner quadrant of the breast towards the collarbone. Again you may feel some discomfort while doing this but it will fade as you continue this technique.

Step 4 Push the breast back to the chest.

Keeping the hands in a similar position, you should now begin by loosening the pressure on the top of the breast and moving it down to the bottom. The top hand is now keeping the breast stable and the bottom hand is applying pressure and pushing the entire breast straight back to the chest wall.

Perform the exact same 4 steps on the opposite breast. Continue doing this daily along with using breast enlargement pills or creams.
I understand that these steps might seem complicated to follow. So I have located a YouTube video demonstrating how these steps are applied.

As already mentioned self-massaging has been proven to be effective for natural breast enlargement. This massage can easily be performed in the conform of your home and requires hardly any time dedication.

It’s best to use a natural breast enlargement cream such as naturaful, or by taking breast enlargement supplements.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below.




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