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Breasts are one of the most attractive features of a woman. Not only are they physically appealing but they also help boost our confidence and help us feel more sexy and attractive to men. Unfortunately not all women have breast that match their weight height or personality and this can often lead to a woman wanting to increase her breasts through surgical means.

Some women feel uncomfortable dressing up or moving socialising due having very small breasts and feeling less of a woman. Opting for breast enhancing surgery doesn’t always give the desired results and can often lead to complications and can cause permanent scaring.

Home Remedies for Increasing Breast Size Naturally.

Increasing the breasts doesn’t require surgery; in fact lots of women have managed to increase their breast size by up to 3 cups by following natural breast enhancing techniques. And I shall share with you some of the more successful techniques.

Breast Massages

Massaging the breasts on a regular occasion can increase the blood flow and stimulate the hormones which should make the breasts firmer and more prominent. I won’t go into the method here as I have discussed this on an earlier post; you can read how to perform a breast massage here.

Breast increasing Exercises.

Along with a breast massage another technique is through the use of chest exercises. Pectoral exercises will strengthen the pectoral muscles and make the breasts appear firmer. There are many exercises that can be done at home, so you won’t have to worry about paying for the gym or finding the time to visit the gym. Here is a video demonstrating how to perform the best exercises for breast growth.

Watch your diet.

The size of your breasts can also be determined by your diet and the foods you are consuming. It is very important to eat foods that are rich in estrogen. Eating higher levels of Estrogen will increase the hormone levels and help you achieve larger breasts in the quickest possible time. Foods that are rich in Estrogen include eggs, fruits, anise seeds, soy foods and sunflower seeds.

You should also try to increase the amount of healthy fats you intake. Avoid saturated fats since this will only make you put on weight.

Several studies have shown that eating Radish has shown to be effective for breast enhancement since it contains potent astringent properties that help to increase the flow of blood to body’s tissues, especially those in the breasts.

Use Breast enhancing supplements.

Breast enhancing supplements have shown to be extremely effective amongst women. The ingredients that are generally found in the more popular products have shown to be beneficial to the body, as well as promote breast growth.

The ingredients that are known to promote breast growth include blessed thistle, fennel seeds, fenugreek, Dong Quai and Pueraria Mirifica.

It is important when searching for breast enhancing supplements that it contains these ingredients as some cheaper alternatives have been known to contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.

Naturaful and Breast Actives and two substances that have shown to be extremely effective for women.

Wear clothes that help to make the breasts appear bigger

The clothes you wear can make a big impact on how your breasts appear to look in size. Always opt for padded bras if you have smaller breasts and avoid clothes that make your body appear flatter such as the colour black.



Woman Measuring Up Her Chest

If you are interested in finding natural ways to increase the size of your breasts then taking breast enhancement tablets and using breast enhancement creams might be something that you are currently considering using. You may not know very much about these products and their value or safety aspects. Here are some questions that you might have considered.

What’s in them?

Phytoestrogens are present in breast enhancement products and are considered to be natural occurring derivatives that are found in plant foods. They are like the same structure as that of the female hormone estrogen. Whilst they are sometimes referred to as being a chemical component they are actually plant based and are naturally occurring and not considered to be unsafe to use. Continue reading



There are many different ways for increasing the breasts and one of the most effective methods is massaging the breast daily.

Along with using breast enlargement supplements and creams, it’s important to understand how to correctly stimulate the breast by using this simple breast messaging technique. Performing a breast massage is one of the safest methods for increasing the breasts especially when used in conjunction with breast creams and pills, by learning this simple method you should learn how to enlarge breasts naturally.

A breast massage only requires 10-15 minutes a day, which is something that most women should have the time to do.

Stimulate the breast through Breast massage.

To start with it’s best to massage one breast at a time and try to learn the technique It’s important to learn the method first and foremost, once you have the method down you will find it much easier each time you do it.

Grab some moisturizing cream or oil and rub it together in your hands. Now begin to Apply the moisturizing cream or oil to the breast. Which ever breast you decide to start with, you should use your opposite hand to perform the pumping technique which is explained below, so left hand to right breast and right hand to left breast. Continue reading


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