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If you are interested in finding natural ways to increase the size of your breasts then taking breast enhancement tablets and using breast enhancement creams might be something that you are currently considering using. You may not know very much about these products and their value or safety aspects. Here are some questions that you might have considered.

What’s in them?

Phytoestrogens are present in breast enhancement products and are considered to be natural occurring derivatives that are found in plant foods. They are like the same structure as that of the female hormone estrogen. Whilst they are sometimes referred to as being a chemical component they are actually plant based and are naturally occurring and not considered to be unsafe to use.

Herbal cream used for enhancing the size of breasts use a combination of plant extracts derived from all different parts of the plant. Herbal medicine and the use of extracts of plants is well established and an acceptable way of treating and preventing adverse medical conditions.

Herbal medicines should be used with care however as according to the manufacturer’s instructions the different products produced have alternative strengths and effects can vary. When taking any product described as being natural or herbal does not always mean that it contains only the herbal extracts. It is wise to buy from reputable manufacturers that have a good reputation for selling them.

The creams and tablets often contain a combination of different herbal extracts. These are just a few of the herbal extracts that can be included. You can be sure that the herbs that are included within herbal creams and tablets have been tested and are safe to use.

Although they are herbal products they can interact with other herbal products that you may also be taking so it is important to be aware of this. Also the dosages used within various products are not regulated so it is important to purchase products that come from a reputable manufacturer.

You can often check out the product that you are considering buying and read any reviews pertaining to that product or merchant before choosing. These are just a few of the natural herbs that are commonly found and used in breast enhancement creams and tablets. Whilst you may not have much knowledge of these herbs they have all had individual safety testing before being considered safe to be included in breast enhancement products.

• Fenugreek Extract
• Wild Yam Extract
• Siberian Ginseng Root
• Avenal Satliva
• Chinese Red Ginseng Root
• Astragalus Root

How do they work?

Female BREAST anatomy x-ray lateral viewThe breast enhancement tablets contain mostly herbal components that are called phyo estrogens. The phytoestrogens stimulate the estrogen receptors that are inside the breast tissue and this artificial stimulation is able to permanently effect an increase in breast size.

The breast enhancement tablets work by fooling the breasts into believing that you require extra estrogen like the amount that is produced during the months of pregnancy.

In the same way that estrogen is produced in pregnancy the tablets are typically producing the same response and causing more estrogen to develop. As breasts enlarge naturally during pregnancy this is the same reaction that you would expect to happen and the breasts enlarge as a result of the stimulation.

However you are not expected to start producing milk or have the other symptoms of being pregnant. The enlargement that occurs through the hormone increase is said to be a nearly 90% permanent result.

As breast enhancement creams are composed from natural ingredients like fenugreek and vitamin E. Often lanolin is included in creams for the purpose of providing a skin softener for the use of using in applying creams for breast massage. There are no harmful ingredients or additives included. In fact the herbs that are included are natural and safe to use. The breast enhancement pills work in a similar way by stimulating the glands that produce the female hormone estrogen.

How to use them

Taking one pill a day is a simple technique and is very easy to follow without experiencing any side effects from taking them. The breast enhancement cream is applied after bathing using a massage technique. Both the herbal cream and the course of tablets should be used together for the best results to show.

The treatment method overall is said to take from a few weeks or more from beginning the treatment to being able to see a noticeable difference in the size of the breast. You must complete the treatment and follow the instructions for the best results.

The results of using herbal breast enhancing creams and tablets have shown positive results. The herbs that are present in bust enhancing creams have been tested and have been found to actively affect your hormones.

Dietary factors such as using products and supplements containing phyo estrogens also benefits breast tissue in yet unexplained ways. Using an herbal breast enhancement product is capable of giving you the shape you desire and draws attention in appositive way. Also as a result of feeling more confident you will also begin to feel proud of your body and outwardly project to others a greater overall confidence.

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